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Shoulder Arm Sling | Arm Sling for Shoulder | Arm Sling Price in Pakistan

Shoulder Arm Sling | Arm Sling for Shoulder | Arm Sling Price in Pakistan

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ORTHO & SURGICAL Arm Sling with Soft Broad Collar

Comfortable Support for Recovery and Activities

The TS ORTHO & SURGICAL Arm Sling with Soft Broad Collar offers unparalleled support for injured or post-operative arms, ensuring a comfortable and secure recovery experience. Crafted from a blend of premium cotton and polyester materials, this arm sling provides a perfect balance of durability and comfort, making it ideal for both everyday wear and during outdoor activities.

Innovative Design for Maximum Comfort

Featuring a soft broad collar, this arm sling prioritizes your comfort during wear, providing gentle support without causing discomfort or irritation. The wide, flat board incorporated into the design ensures stability while holding your arm, allowing you to move with confidence as you go about your day. The fully padded interior, equipped with soft sponge material, delivers maximum comfort, giving you a reassuring sense of security as you heal.

Convenient and Adjustable for Easy Use

Designed with double-sided hook and loop fasteners, attaching the arm sling between the face pillow and cradle is a breeze, ensuring a snug and personalized fit every time. The adjustable straps allow you to tailor the sling to your specific needs, providing the perfect level of support and compression. Despite its robust support capabilities, this arm sling remains lightweight and effortless to install, making it a practical choice for individuals of all ages.

Versatile Support for Various Needs

Whether you're recovering from a sports injury or undergoing post-operative care, the TS ORTHO & SURGICAL Arm Sling with Soft Broad Collar is your trusted companion for a smooth and comfortable recovery journey. Its versatility extends beyond medical use, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable support during their adventures.

Package Contents and Specifications:

  • Material: Cotton and Polyester
  • Category: Sports & Outdoors > Accessories > Supports & Braces

Price in Pakistan:

Ensure your comfort and well-being during recovery or outdoor activities with the TS ORTHO & SURGICAL Arm Sling with Soft Broad Collar, available at an affordable arm sling price in Pakistan. Invest in your comfort and recovery today with this premium-quality arm sling bandage designed to meet your needs effectively.

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