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Best Air Cooler | Small Air Cooler | Mini Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Best Air Cooler | Small Air Cooler | Mini Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

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Mini Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

  • Power Type: USB-powered for convenient usage, compatible with various power sources.
  • Rated Power: 7, providing ample power for effective massage therapy.
  • Speed Control Gear: Third Gear allows users to adjust massage intensity according to preference.
  • USB Compatibility: Supports USB connection, ensuring versatile usage options.
  • Operation Mode: Mechanical operation mode with an ordinary button switch type for ease of use.
  • Charging Support: Supports charging, offering flexibility for on-the-go use.
  • Water Tank Capacity: Below 1 liter, suitable for mini air cooler functionality.
  • Fan Speed Mode: Three-speed modes for customizable cooling options.
  • Air Conditioner Fan Type: Single cold type, ensuring efficient cooling performance.
  • What's in the Box: 1x Massage Pillow for relaxation and tension relief.
  • Additional Cooling Solutions: Pair with Haier, Super Asia, or Royal air coolers for enhanced comfort.
  • Air Cooler Prices in Pakistan: Check out mini air cooler prices and room air cooler prices for the best deals
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